Magic Mirror Photo Booth Hire

Here at Boothy and the Geek Photo Booths, we have a fantastic range of photo booth products for you to choose. No matter what you are looking for, we have a selection to meet all needs.

We offer a more traditional style, enclosed photo booth, using the magical world of green screen.

Or perhaps you are looking at a more modern style. The Magic Mirror is proving to be a popular alternative. After all every one loves a selfie and the selfie mirror is no exception.

Want your guests to receive their images directly to their mobile phone? The Beauty Mirror is for you. Not only printing the images, but your guests can also receive their images immediately via this popular text service. Instant digital copies is a must have for the social media lover.

Perhaps you prefer the idea of disposable camera‘s or Polaroid‘s to capture those candid shots of your wedding day, but are worried about the expense and the quality of the images taken. I mean lets face it, no one really wants 20 pictures of the floor or a fork.

Well then let our Selfie Wizard help you out. Using what your guests will have with them anyway. Love them or loath them, there is no escaping mobile phones. Let you guests use them. Then they can upload all those lovely pictures to the Selfie Wizards slide show for all to enjoy. What’s more, instant prints too. Its a win win.

So If you have a special event in Scotland, then check out our packages today and remember, you can check available and book right from the handy checker on our Home Page.