The power of a good review has its obvious advantages. It comforts those that have already decided to book with you but are yet awaiting their event and it encourages those who are trying to decide what company is the best for them to go with.

Review’s in any industry is such a crucial selling/marketing tool. But it does so much more than the above.

Picture this. I have been at a busy event from a little after 1700hrs. I don’t get home until 0300hrs. Physically drained after a busy night with 300 guests but my mind is still very much active, I’m still hearing the baseline from the DJ’s music, I’m still hearing the chatter and laughter from all the excited guests. I don’t get home, fall into bed and drift soundly asleep. I have to unwind, I have to get all the music, the laughter and chatter out of my head. It has been a busy night and I have no alcohol in my blood stream that will enable most of the party goers to head to bed and straight to the land of nod, no need for them to remove all the sounds of a busy night. I watch the clock as the time nears 0400hrs. I am now more relaxed, I can feel my eyes getting heavy, and I am finally ending my night by falling asleep.

0530hrs, my bedroom door flies open. A “way too alert for that time in the morning” little boy comes rushing into my room, so excited to see his mummy. His day has begun and all he wants is me. Who am I to deny this gorgeous little creature that I call my son? So, with less than two hours’ sleep, I’m up. I cuddle into this warm little bug and watch a bit of television with him, until he turns into the little tornado that likes to destroy my house and terrorise the dog. 0700hrs, the other people in the house begin to waken and the babysitter, usually my long, suffering mother, comes and takes over. So, I make my way back to bed, the matching luggage under my eyes are so big, I could carry the clothes for all the passengers on a boeing747 in them.

I manage to get about 4 hours disturbed sleep because my little tornado likes to come and climb in bed with his mum to then just climb all over me and try to play with me in my half comatose state.

I wake up a little after 1100hrs, bleary eyed, I check my business emails and there is an unread message sent that morning. I open it. It is one of the guests from last night’s event, with a request. I kindly reply and of course, anything they are asking me is of no bother to me at all but I do kindly advise that their request will be managed later that day. I receive a prompt reply from this guest thanking me and of course, there is no hurry. The guest then goes on to say this

‘Many thanks Joy, you guys have been great last night! Best photo booth service I have ever had, others could learn so much from you.’

Wow! I’m still bleary eyed but there is now a jolt of electricity through me. This guest has enjoyed the service that I have provided. Not only enjoyed but has gone as far to say my service, my service is the best photo booth service they have experienced. Not only that but others could learn from me. I’m bowled over. I’m emotional. I am but a little fish in a big ocean, I work hard, I take pride in my company and in the service, I provide to my customers and their guests. I always welcome comments and reviews, good or bad (thankfully I’ve never received a bad word) but I’m always happy to take on constructive criticism to make sure I am continuously improving and providing the best service I possibly can.

This may only be one guest out of a total of 300 but this one guest has taken time out of their busy day, to let me know how much they enjoyed the service that I bring to an event.

I felt an overwhelming feeling of pride. I am still exhausted but of course the first thing I must do is fulfil this guests request. So, before I head downstairs I make my way to the office and open the laptop and complete my service to this guest.

This particular guest went on to leave a very kind review on my Facebook page. Again, I am beaming. I look like a walking cadaver at this moment in time, hair strewn all over the place, pale skin from lack of sleep and deep sunken eyes with this heavy matching luggage weighing them down but I am beaming. I sat back and took a moment to myself. I daren’t close my eyes because if I do, I’ll fall back asleep again but I sit and I take a moment. I think about how this kind comment has made me feel. About the two minutes of time it has taken this guest to write to me to tell me her approval and to leave me a wonderful review and how this has affected me. It’s made me feel worthwhile. It’s made those busy, late nights, the lack of sleep, the travelling, all worth it. It makes me strive to ensure that my next customer receives a service that leaves them feeling that other companies could learn from me, and that’s exactly the service I will provide and will continue to provide and over time, it can only get better.

Trying to get reviews from customers is like pulling teeth. I’m guilty of it myself. If I’ve had bad service, I’m quick to let the company know about it. I’ll spend time drafting an email, pinpointing exactly what their failure/s were and how I expect them to be rectified. However, when I have received good service, I let it go unknown, unrewarded. I’m finally beginning to realise the frustrations of this. We are a culture that expect exceptional service, yet we are unwilling to reward it when it is received.

I have started making a change in myself. I have started to review companies and let them know when I have been pleased with the service provided. I will still address issues where I feel I have received substandard service but I am certainly going to be more proactive in alerting companies when I have received a level of service that I have been happy with.

I now know myself that rewarding them with a good review will reward me. It will reward all the people who use that company in the future. That company, me, my company will strive to ensure that level of service is maintained or bettered because of that feeling you get, that pride, that excitement, that emotion and that warming that you get, when you receive a good review.

So please, if you have stuck with me this far and read till the end, take that two minutes out of your day to leave that review, not only for a selling/marketing tool but for the reward it gives to the person or the company that has provided the service to you.


*image used is not from the event related to this blog